222 West Merchandise Mart Plaza - Chicago, IL     
In the Merchandise Mart                         

1301 Pyott Rd - Lake in the Hills, IL 60156          
In the Oak St Office Complex                     

NeoCon 2024

At the nexus of design and commerce, the NeoCon show at the Merchandise Mart unfolds, showcasing the future of furniture. In this realm of innovation, Chicago Commercial Photography stands as your premier visual partner.

We are the artisans of the lens, capturing the soul of your designs in both stills and motion. Our photography tells a story, but our videos bring that story to life, offering a dynamic view of your showroom that engages and inspires.

Whether it’s the delicate interplay of light and shadow or the grandeur of a panoramic showroom shot, our team crafts visual experiences that not only showcase your pieces but also narrate the vision behind them.

Elevate your brand’s narrative at the Neocon show and beyond. With Chicago Commercial Photography, every frame is a brushstroke of excellence. Contact us to explore the full spectrum of our visual storytelling capabilities.

When it comes to capturing excellence, we don’t just take pictures, we create legacies!

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