Chicago Green Screen Photography

Green Screen Photography provides a great way to photograph people and substitute a digital background in place of the green screen.  Your event could be in Chicago but your photo background could be on a beach in Hawaii.

This may be the best solution for your corporate events and parties, especially if it involves a theme.  We take the photographs using a green or blue background, replace it with a digital scenic or custom graphic background and print the color or black and white photo on the spot.

You can provide us with a background image or graphic, or we can design your green screen digital replacement background for you.

NOTE: Green screen photography may not be suitable for every type of event, a standard or custom designed backdrop may be more appropriate.  Call to find out why 847 502-1549

Give us a call to see what may be the best solution for your event photography needs.

Greenscreen Photography


Green Screen Photo

Green Screen Example

Greenscreen Example

Green Screen Photography

Green Screen Time Magazine

Sport Green Screen

Your company event information on green screen background

Graphic Green Screen Background


Let your imagination go wild!

With green screen technology just about anything will work for a background.  And when you combine it with high-end photography you get amazing results.

Most green screen photography is done with low end cameras and minimally trained employees.  We on the other hand are professional photographers using high-end studio lighting and camera equipment to give you the highest quality photographs.

Need a specific location shot for your background?
We will photograph whatever scenic or graphic background you desire from any location  accessible to us, and incorporate it in to the your green screen photos.

Chicago Commercial Photographer Photo Sample Chicago Commercial Photographer Photo Sample Chicago Commercial Photographer Photo Sample
We take the photo, select the background, align, merge and print the photo.